Health Promoting Schools

Danestone Primary is proud to be a Health Promoting School. We take a whole school approach to health which includes promoting the physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing of the school and community. By addressing issues such as diet, exercise, road safety and bullying we hope to encourage everyone to make informed choices.

Children have a leading role in the committee - chairing meetings, taking minutes, reporting to classes and helping to produce an action plan for the future. With the help of other agencies and school groups, the committee organises events such as ‘The Big Pedal’ where children ride their bike or scooter to school; and ‘The 5 Alive Challenge’ which encourages everyone to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. The committee is also responsible for promoting road safety and gave a very informative presentation at assembly.

In the future, the committee have a great idea for a ‘Fruity Friday’ initiative and would like to reward children who bring a healthy snack to school.

Health activities at Danestone are co-ordinated by our Health Committee which comprises of pupil representatives (one elected member from each class), teachers, pupil support assistants and parent helpers.

Health Committee Members 2014-15  

Keira Hennessy (P1/2D)

Logan McKenzie (P2I)

Arran Sleigh (P3/4K)

Maddy Watt (P3/4M)

Finlay Warren (P5B)

Holly Grassick (P6B)

Morag Grant (P6P)

Penny Milnes and Macy Gibson (P7B)

Mrs Dow and Miss Petrie

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Bruce

Wendy Esson