Internet Safety Committee


This is our Internet Safety Committee logo.

We had a school competition to design our logo. Lots of people entered and this one was the winner!

Committee Members

Grace Law (P3/4)

Cameron Pritchard (P3/4)

Jack Urquhart (P4)

Owen Biggerstaff (P5)

Liam Brock (P5)

Mackie Duncan (P5/6)

Charlie Miller (P5/6)

Adam Forest (P5/6)

Amy Robertson (P7)

Konrad Rejmanowski (P7)

Miss Bruce

Mrs Sayer

Miss Black

5 Top Tips for Staying Safe Online!

  1. Only use websites you know and trust.  If you see something that upsets you, tell an adult.
  2. Be aware of recommended minimum ages on websites.
  3. Don’t agree to something without reading what you are agreeing to.
  4. Don’t speak to people online that you don’t know.
  5. Never take pictures of yourself in your school uniform.

Useful Websites