Introduction to Primary One

A few tips for new parents and their children starting at our school.

What do you want to know about coming to Danestone, for the first time?

We have a policy which enables a smooth transition from our Nursery into P1. However, what has to be taken into account is that, not all our Primary One children have attended our Nursery. Some children have come from other Nursery settings.

Our aim is to make your child feel confident and relaxed. At P1, we have a “SOFT START” to our day. Parents are invited to come in with their children at the start of the school day (between 9a.m and 9.30a.m) This is an ideal opportunity for your child to share what is currently happening in their “world” Parents can often feel “left out” from their child’s learning. You are welcome to come into class, have an informal chat with the Class Teacher, observe your child and keep up to date with their day to day learning. Our children are proud to show their Parents pieces of work, introduce them to their new classmates etc.

Curriculum for Excellence is equipping our young children to be ready for all the challenges of the 21st century. Our children are actively engaged in their own learning. We go with the child’s interests and enable them to take their learning to the next level. We encourage working in pairs or as part of a group. Sometimes your child may choose to work alone.

During the school day, we have 3 main teaching blocks, involving all the children. After this period of time the children are directed to related tasks.

Approximately every 5th week is an Assessment block, where we identify the next steps in learning for each individual child.

Our aim for your child is to enjoy their learning and meet success through challenging and engaging activities.