Head Teacher

George RobertsHello my name is George Roberts. I have been a teacher at Danestone Primary School since 1996 and became Head Teacher in January 2005. I am very pleased to be associated with this school. I feel it is a warm and welcoming school that brings the best out of its pupils, staff and the community it serves.

My job as Head Teacher is quite simple. I am here to facilitate learning in its widest context. I endeavour to help provide the community of Danestone with the necessary tools, skill and accommodation to be avid learners. I welcome parental and community involvement within our school as I feel it is essential to both the academic and personal and social development of our pupils.

Our main aim is that each and every person associated with our school aspires to be all they can be. Everyone has different strengths and talents and differing levels of ability. We openly recognise this and do not promote academic rivalry, we just expect everyone to work as hard as they can. We want everyone to meet success and in pursuance of that we feel it is important to instil in everyone associated with our school a love of learning in the widest sense.

We appreciate all our pupils, families and members of staff and endeavour to encourage life long confidence, competence and curiosity. We like to work from a very positive stance so that we all feel a sense of belonging and trust whilst being aware that endeavour brings reward. Standards are high and we continue to strive to do even better.

We are all very proud of our school and hope that pupils and parents who join the school family will very soon feel this way too.