Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips for Students at Danestone Primary School!

By Mhairi and Ingrid B.Ed 4 students 2010

1: Show the school that you are dedicated to working hard.

2: Try to have a good balance between school work and life outside school.

3: Build good relationships with all members of staff and be friendly and respectful of their working environment.

4: Build a good knowledge of policies, especially behaviour/general school ethos.

5: Take criticism constructively and not personally.

6: Try to be confident, even if it does not come naturally.

7: Be respectful of the school’s resources. I.e. when printing or using art tools.

8: Take an interest in the children’s life both within and out-with school, thus, developing mutual respect.

9: Be involved in the entire school community.

10. Smile, have fun and try to enjoy it!! ☺